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Worley Law is committed to providing educational programs specifically designed for human resources professionals, and local business owners. We offer 1-hour long, HR Lunch & Learn seminars, half-day workshops, and recorded webinars to keep employers informed of emerging topics and key issues in HR/Employment Law.

Lunch & Learns






What's in Store - Preparing for 2016's Hot Issues in HR Law

Auditing your Employee Handbook - What Stays, What Goes, and What Should be Burned and Never Seen Again

You're Suing Me for What? Discrimination and Retaliation Basics and Emerging Trends

Warning! This Employment Agreement May Be Hazardous to (your company's) Health. A Check-up for your Non-compete, Non-solicitation, Non-disclosure and Confidentiality Agreements

Technology Inside and Out - Top 5 Best (legal) Practices for Technology and the Workplace

Got Independent Contractors or Interns? Better Get a Lawyer!

Memos to Manager: What Every Manager, Supervisor and Other Workplace Leader Should Know About Their Vital Role in HR Compliance

Annual Quick & Easy Ways to Get Sued by Your Employees

What You Don't Know, CAN Hurt You - Understanding Wage & Hour Law

Employee Performance and Discipline: What it Really Means to "Document, Document, Document"

Employee Termination - Eliminating Problems without Creating New Ones

What Happens in Vegas, Doesn't Stay in Vegas Anymore. Social Media, Off-Duty Conduct and Your Employees

Location: Everal Barn at Heritage Park, Westerville, Oh. 43081
Time: Doors open at 11:30 a.m. Event from 12:00 p.m. - 1:15 p.m.
(Cost $20 per person, $15 if non-profit)